Face coverings


Face coverings which are comfortable to wear and re-usable.  All our face masks are made in our Harrogate workrooms with assorted prints from our stock room. They are either 100% cotton or  97% cotton 3% Spandex and are all machine or hand washable. They have three pleats so that they fit snugly over the mouth and nose. They have a filter pocket, as shown and have narrow elastic sides to sit gently over the ears.  They also have a neck strap so you have the option of wearing it around the neck so that they can be safely put on as needed. 

Other prints available on request or, if the fabric is suitable, why not have a mask to match your top. Just email and we will let you know if it's possible.

These masks are not medical grade masks and should not be worn as such.
The masks are worn with the pleats facing down on the outside of the mask.

They can be laundered like any other cotton garment and we recommend that they are washed after each day's use.


 This product is non-returnable.